How to install NS2 on windows 7 with the help of Cygwin Window

Here I will show you how to install NS2 on Windows 7(32-bit | 64-bit):

Step 1:

Please go to below given link and download the three .rar files after that place these files into in a single folder.

Step 2: 

  • Now Extract the NS 2.35.part1 only.It will extract the part2 an part3 automatically.
  • Extract after complete download
  • Don’t Extract the part2 and part3 

Step 3:

  •  After extraction you’ll get a folder named NS 2.35
  • Inside this folder you get cygwin setup , .bashrc etc..
  • Now install the setup.  Choose install from local directory
  • Press Next
  • Don’t change the default Root Directory
  • In Local Package Rpository field browse to: NS 2.35/nslocal/release
  • Click Next
  • Click on the Circle
  • After clicking the circle the default turn to install
  • After this press Next it will install the necessary packages for NS2
  • check create a desktop shortcut and start menu shortcut
  • Then installation finished.:)p
  • Now you are halfway done !!!

Step 4:

  • Now create a folder Named Noureddine inside the C:\cygwin\home
  • Now copy the ns-allinone-2.35-RC7avecxgraph.rar and Extract there. You’ll get  ns-allinone-2.35-RC7 folder.
  • Now cpoy the .bashrc file from the downloaded Extract folder
  • Now go to the “C:\cygwin\home\user” folder and replace(i.e paste) the .bashrc file that you copied.
  • Now open the Cygwin command window which is on your desktop and type source .bashrc
  • Now type ns  “$” change to “%”
  • Now type ns-version it will show like:
  • Now press exit.
  • Now type startxwin you’ll get a new window.
  • Now type nam you will get a screen.
  • Now go to file and quit the nam window
  • Now hold the main tab and drag your mouse to quit from Cygwin window(the white window)
  • And exit from ‘cygwin command’ window (type exit)
  • Important:
  • go to Task manager (Alt+Ctrl+Del) and goto process tab and search for XWin.exe
  • End process

6 thoughts on “How to install NS2 on windows 7 with the help of Cygwin Window

  1. “startxwin ” this command is not working in my pc .error given like

    “giving up.
    startxwin: No such file or directory (errno 2): unable to connect to X server
    startxwin: No such process (errno 3): Server error. ”

    please help me.


    • startxwin is an server,here we dont have server ,so run in local server,starvwin won’t run because its there server,its not a problem


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