How to install NS2 on windows 7 with the help of Cygwin Window

Here I will show you how to install NS2 on Windows 7(32-bit | 64-bit):

Step 1:

Please go to below given link and download the three .rar files after that place these files into in a single folder.

Step 2: 

  • Now Extract the NS 2.35.part1 only.It will extract the part2 an part3 automatically.
  • Extract after complete download
  • Don’t Extract the part2 and part3 

Step 3:

  •  After extraction you’ll get a folder named NS 2.35
  • Inside this folder you get cygwin setup , .bashrc etc..
  • Now install the setup.  Choose install from local directory
  • Press Next
  • Don’t change the default Root Directory
  • In Local Package Rpository field browse to: NS 2.35/nslocal/release
  • Click Next
  • Click on the Circle
  • After clicking the circle the default turn to install
  • After this press Next it will install the necessary packages for NS2
  • check create a desktop shortcut and start menu shortcut
  • Then installation finished.:)p
  • Now you are halfway done !!!

Step 4:

  • Now create a folder Named Noureddine inside the C:\cygwin\home
  • Now copy the ns-allinone-2.35-RC7avecxgraph.rar and Extract there. You’ll get  ns-allinone-2.35-RC7 folder.
  • Now cpoy the .bashrc file from the downloaded Extract folder
  • Now go to the “C:\cygwin\home\user” folder and replace(i.e paste) the .bashrc file that you copied.
  • Now open the Cygwin command window which is on your desktop and type source .bashrc
  • Now type ns  “$” change to “%”
  • Now type ns-version it will show like:
  • Now press exit.
  • Now type startxwin you’ll get a new window.
  • Now type nam you will get a screen.
  • Now go to file and quit the nam window
  • Now hold the main tab and drag your mouse to quit from Cygwin window(the white window)
  • And exit from ‘cygwin command’ window (type exit)
  • Important:
  • go to Task manager (Alt+Ctrl+Del) and goto process tab and search for XWin.exe
  • End process

National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD) Recruiting for Various GIS Positions

National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD) is an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India.  Through its training and research activities, NIRD endeavours to upgrade the knowledge skills and to bring in required attitudes among its clientele group. NIRD sensitizes the elected representatives and rural development functionaries about the impact of various Rural Development initiatives of the Union Government and the State Governments and also about the emerging challenges in the field of Rural Development.

The Centre on Geo-informatics Application in Rural Development (CGARD), NIRDPR, Hyderabad, proposes to conduct a „Walk-in-Inte rview‟ at the Office of Directorate of Agriculture, Dehradun for the following Positions in the Project purely temporary on Contract Basis and co-terminus with the Project.

Advt.No. 2/2015/CGARD

1. Position: Senior Project Scientist

No. of Post: 01

Consolidated remuneration (in Rs/PM): 25,000/-

Essential Qualification: M.Tech(RS/GIS/Geomatics or Equivalent). With 3 Years Or PhD in Geo-informatics with 1 year Experience.

Essential & Desirable Experience:  M.Tech(RS/GIS/ Geomatics or Equivalent)with 3 years experience/ .Ph.D in Geo Informatics with 1year Experience.


2. Position: Project Scientist

No. of Post: 02

Consolidated remuneration (in Rs/PM): 18,000/-

Essential Qualification: Post Graduation (CS/RS/GIS/Earth Science/ Geomatics or equivalent) or B.Tech/IT/ Civil with 2 years’ experience.

Essential & Desirable Experience: Post Graduation (CS/RS/GIS/Earth Science/Geomatics or equivalent)with 2 years’ experience or B.Tech/IT/ Civil with 2 years’ experience.


3. Position: Associate Project Scientist

No. of Post: 01

Consolidated remuneration (in Rs/PM): 15,000/-

Essential Qualification: M.Tech (RS/GIS/ Geomatics or Equivalent).

Essential & Desirable Experience: M.Tech(RS/GIS/Geomatics or Equivalent).


Walk-in-Interview Date: June 26, 2015

Candidates fulfilling the qualifications / experience may submit their CV on the day of interview duly indicating the Project Post applied for and bring with them all the Original Certificates of Qualification / Experience for verification.

It is essential that the candidates should register themselves before 12.00 noon on the day of interview so as to be permitted to attend the Test / Interview.

Blogs: Article

Understanding and Demodulating LTE Signals:

LTE-enabled devices such as cell phones and tablets are now ubiquitous, and LTE is becoming relevant to organizations outside the original cellular market. LTE provides substantially higher transmission speeds than 3G technologies. This improvement, though, comes at a cost in development and implementation complexity, in partbecause the LTE physical layer uses advanced communication technologies such as multiple input multiple output (MIMO) and turbo coders.

Demodulating LTE signals requires a thorough understanding of the LTE signal structure as well as advanced algorithms to extract information from the raw signal. The complexity of the standard and the algorithms and concepts involved make developing an LTE product very challenging. Analyzing a captured LTE signal, verifying an in-house implementation of an LTE system, and generating an LTE signal are tasks that require considerable effort and careful verification, and they benefit from a consistent design flow and environment.

This article explains how an LTE signal is structured and how information is retrieved from the signal. It then presents a workflow that uses LTE System Toolbox™ to acquire and demodulate an LTE downlink signal—from initial synchronization to the extraction of LTE parameters and data.


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