ENEWS-A news dissemination Platform

Enews is a web based news dissemination platform. Using it any person can upload news of current events by creating a reporter account. The news posted by a reported will be reviewed by the editors of the platform and only approved news will be posted for the readership. News can be text, or it can contain text and images/video. Viewers can vote the news on the basis of users votes, rank will be given to news and reports. Top 10 reporters will be displayed on the home page to give them recognition of their efforts as well as to give motivation to other users to post quality news.

Following are the major functionality of the assessment tool:

  • Creation, Edition and Deletion of categories for posting news.
  • Posting, Editing and viewing and searching news.
  • Receiving and displaying votes for news.
  • Registration and managements of users as reporters.
  • Ranking reporters on the basis of votes received to their news.

Project Category:

The product is a web application.This application is proposed to be developed using .Net as front end technology and SQL Server as RDBMS package.

Description of Modules:

Category Management: This Module is used by the administrator to create a new category, to edit and remove a category, to view categories for posting news etc.

Profile Management: This module is used by users (reporters as well as viewers) to view, edit and delete their profile information. A user profile contains login and general information. Profile of a reporter contains additional information of posted news, approved news, received comments and votes.

News Management: This module is used by the reports to post and edit news; by the admin to view, approve and disapprove news and by viewers to view, comment and vote to news.

Reports Management:  This module is used by administrator to view category wise, reporter wise, vote wise reports of news.

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